BelL Containers


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Recycling corrugated helps decrease solid waste at landfills.  This is just one of the reasons Bell Containers takes pride in doing our part to contribute to our enviroment.  



  • Purchase corrugated sheets containing recycled material, including post-consumer waste.
  • Discover ways to reduce test of customer specifications that still carry and protect the products. 
  • Manufacturing glue joints rather than stitch joints that can be recycled and not discarded in landfills.


  • A majority of inks used to print corrugated are water based rather than oil based. 
  • Design specifications using the least amount of paper that will still protect the customer’s product.
  • Preventive maintenance program to have equipment run efficiently.



  • Eliminate wax coatings with alternative coatings that can be recycled, not discarded in landfills. 
  • Replace plastic foam interior packaging with corrugated that can be recycled. 
  • Use solid fiber cores to replace wooden pallets. 




  • Use set-up sheets from beginning of manufacturing runs as a protection for bales shipped. 
  • Using recycled wooden pallets that include repairing for continued use. 
  • Determine with customer if scrap in their facility can be used to protect their product.



  • Recycle all office scrap paper. 
  • Recycle all trim scrap by bailing and returning to recycling facility. 
  • Print "Recycle" on all boxes to encourage end user to recycle.